Water Tanks

Jims Roofing Services are providing Water Tank Services later in 2013.

We provide a complete roof inspection with every water tank installed by our Licensed Plumbers

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Water Tanks

Government Rebates: Victoria
Changes to legislation throughout Australia, mean the installation of water tanks is now mandatory on many new homes and many renovation projects. Jim’s Roofing’s expert team can assist you to create hassle-free installed system

Tank Capacity State Government Melbourne Water Tank Only Rebate^
600-1,999 $300.00* N/A $150.00
2,000-4,999 $500.00* N/A $150.00
5,000-above Up to $1,000.00* N/A $150.00

*In order to be eligible for the full rebate, rainwater tanks in Victoria must be connected to the laundry and/or toilet of the home.

^ Tank only rebates, for outdoor uses only are eligible to apply for a rebate of $150.00.

For further information on rebates outside of the above areas, please contact your local water providers; visit your local or state government websites.

BlueScope Water
BlueScope Water commenced operations during 2004 as a supplier of premium rainwater harvesting and stormwater infrastructure systems. Launched as a division of BlueScope Steel, BlueScope Water leverages its parent company’s many years of experience supplying steel-based products for the manufacture of water tanks, forming the basis for the business. Like its parent company, BlueScope Water is committed to the development of inspired steel solutions. Rainwater harvesting, stormwater infrastructure and irrigation form the company’s core business. BlueScope Water has grown to be an international leader in water storage and water management products, with a vast product portfolio. BlueScope Water can provide a complete solution, providing advanced above ground and underground water storage solutions, water transfer and stormwater management solutions, in addition to commercial and industrial sized water storage products through Pioneer Water Tanks, a BlueScope Water company, operating from Western Australia.

Established in 1973, The EGR group is a wholly Australian owned company whose extensive range of tanks ensure that they have a product to suit virtually all applications. EGR’s tank sizes vary from the flexible Brick at 600Lt right through to 22,500Lt including round, squat, underdeck and slimline products. The entire EGR range is manufactured under strict quality control procedures that meet the requirements of Australian standards AS/NZS4766:2006

Pro Plastic
Pro Plastics water tanks are made from strong food grade polyethylene resin containing a UV stabilizer, and conform to the Australian Standards Specification AS/NZS 4766

Precision Poly
Precision Poly is a rotational molding company which prides itself on producing quality polyethylene rainwater tanks that come in round and slimline with 24 different colorbond colours. All Precision Poly rainwater tanks comply with Australian standards AS/NZS4766:2006

Tank Sizes
* All sizes, dimensions and colours available.

Classic Cream
Cottage Green
Deep Ocean
Evening Haze
Heritage Green
Hunter Red
Loft Heritage Red
Pale Eucalypt
Shale Grey
Woodland Grey

Tank Profiles

Brother Slim
Supa Slim
Mama Slim
Grandpa Slim

Selecting the right size tank for you.

Water Tank Considerations

It is most important that you get the right water tank for your home and needs there are a lot of factors that you will need to take into Account.

1. Size of the water tank – do it right the first time.
2. Number of people live in the house
3. How large your garden is
4. Intend to use the rainwater for
5. Roof catchment area
6. council requirements
7. where you live
8. your existing water usage
9. what guarantee there is on the tank
10. how much space you have


  • Tank pumps with power point
  • Pump cover
  • Tank Inlet filter
  • Tank stand
  • Concrete pavers
  • Water level indicator
  • Secondary bucket tap
  • Rain Heads
  • First flush diverter

Mains Water Diverters
These systems supply rainwater to toilets, laundry and garden taps in a household via an automatic pressure system pump. Mains water is also connected to the pumps as an automatic back up should rain water level be too low, or if there is a power or pump failure.

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