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4 Tips to Help You Choose the Best Roof Colour

4 Tips to Help You Choose the Best Roof Colour

Very few attractions inspire awe and wonder like a glamorous roof does. It’s the icing on the metaphorical cake that is your dream home.

Depending on the circumstances, you may or may not have had a say in your roof’s colour. As a buyer you may have inherited a colour scheme you don’t really love. Alternatively, you could be at the start of a house building journey, trying to piece together an idea of what your house might look like. 

Choosing the right roof colour is never easy. Picking the most popular colour won’t help when it’s a trend that goes out of fashion within 12 months. Forget that. You want a roof colour that will make you smile. It must be a colour you love and are proud of.

Don’t worry about not knowing where to start. So many homeowners find themselves at odds with the right choice. Thankfully, your Jim’s Roofing experts have four handy tips to help choose the best roof colour for your dream home. 

Research Neighbourhood Roof Colours

A perfect starting point for any deliberations is to drive or walk around the neighbourhood. Take a look at what your neighbours have, with a focus on recently renovated homes and new builds. You can see whether people are moving away from certain colours, or if trends seem popular.

Also pick out houses with similar exterior colours and see what works for them. If you like it, that’s a great reason to go for the same at your home. You can also spot houses that make you cringe due to their poor colour choices.

Take note of what you see and work out why you love certain roof colours, and dislike others. Is it the overall architecture or the contrast between bricks and Colorbond steel roofing that you want to copy? 

Additionally, do you want to lean away from the old fashioned tones older suburbs have, like brown or terracotta? If you’re moving in with a new build, chances are you might be bringing something new to the area. 

And that might mean you’re ready to go with a roof colour that suits you, and not necessarily the neighbourhood. It’s a bold move, but one that could pay off in the long run.

Neighbourhood roof colours and trends may influence your choice.

Compare Options with your Colour Palette

Perhaps you want to be far more introspective and not worry about your neighbours. No worries! Then it’s best to look at what you’re working with around the home. There are a few ways to approach this.

For those working with an existing build, changing the roof colour either means a roof replacement or restoration. If it’s a part of a restoration, you may be working with traditional colours that suit the period. If a replacement is on the cards, perhaps you’re renovating the home with modern rendered brick. You will therefore have more flexibility to reinvigorate the home.

Alternatively, if you’re building from scratch, you can incorporate a vast array of elements. Your roof colour even has the ability to match the internal workings of your home.

No matter the task, your focus is this: do you want the roof to blend in with bricks, or contrast them? You also have a garage door, the front door, gutters, downpipes and fencing to consider. Even window choices will be influenced.

You could even tie in the roof colour with indoor palettes to create a seamless transition throughout the home. This is your chance to think big and bring it all together.

Think About the Landscape You Live In

The landscape surrounding your home should have some say in your colour decisions. It’s why you often see softer tones near the beach and darker tones throughout the suburbs. 

Colorbond® colours are the standard in Australia, popular with most builders. Their colour names typically reflect ideal locations of use, although there’s always room for flexibility. You can be creative with your choices.

But if you’re after a starting point, we’ve pieced together a few colour palettes to suit certain landscapes and themes, such as:

By the sea – Surfmist®, Deep Ocean®, Windspray®, Dune®

Making a statement – Monument®, Night Sky®, Basalt®, Shale Grey®

A touch of class – Classic Cream®, Manor Red®, Cottage Green®, Ironstone®

One with nature –  Pale Eucalypt®, Terrain®, Mangrove®, Woodland Grey®

Of course, you’re going to mix and match these colours with other elements. But a woodland grey roof paired with lush Australian trees will allow natural colours to truly pop. Alternatively, windspray blended with ocean tones and shades of blue provides a soft and attractive home.

Know That Roof Colours can Heat or Cool a Home

One of the biggest debates with roof colours is whether light or dark is best. Each one has its perks for looks, but external climate conditions also have a massive impact.

Australian homes used to lean towards darker roofs, according to Renew Magazine. However, the combination of increased heat absorption and poor insulation means many homes are sucking up excess heat in summer. And in one of the hottest countries in the world, that’s the last thing you want.

Lighter greys, whites, creams, etc, are all best for minimal heat absorption. Paired with high quality roof insulation, and your home will remain cooler in summer. If your home is situated in a hot part of Australia you certainly want to avoid dark shade roofs. 

However, if you do have your heart set on colours like night sky, ironstone or monument, consider forced ventilation. It will give you consistent airflow within the roof, ensuring that warm air does not build up too much and impact your home’s temperature.

Selecting the best roof colour is never easy as there is no one-size-fits-all solution. But if you think about all the pros and cons for your individual needs, then you will end up with the right choice for you.

And if you need a professional hand to install your new roof, contact Jim’s Roofing. We’re here to help with fully licensed roof repairs and replacement. We’ll help bring your home to life with a fresh, vibrant roof.