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The Most Common Household Roof Repairs

Looking after your roof can be a tricky thing. It’s never simple when you have to grab a ladder, deal with heights, and inspect something you’re just not that familiar with. And that’s okay. Roof repairs really aren’t something we all deal with on the daily.

That’s why there are specialised roof plumbers and roofers readily available! But say you’re just curious about roofs, perhaps you’re interested in knowing more about common roof repairs. 

What exactly could go wrong with your roof? Is that broken tile a sign of something more serious? Don’t worry. With the help of Jim’s Roofing, you’ll have a greater understanding of the most common household roof repairs.

Tile Repairs

At the top of any common roofing problems list, tile repair is a surefire pick for the first cab off the rank.

Roof tiles cop a lot of unfiltered attacks from the weather. Many tiles will often break over time, while mortar bedding dries up and cracks. Serious wind and other circumstances often lead to missing or damaged tiles, too. 

Basically, there’s a lot that will go wrong over the decades due to natural causes!

Among the overarching category that is tile repairs, there are several different issues. From a simple clean to a full replacement, the most common roof tile repairs include:

  • Broken tile repairs – replaces anywhere from one to one dozen or more tiles that are cracked, damaged, missing, etc. 
  • Repainting – refreshes fading and peeling paint with healthy surface protection
  • Cleaning – removes mould, moss, or droppings that can eat away at tiles, and contaminate rainwater
  • Rebedding and repointing – repairs weakened ridge caps, refreshes with new mortar
  • Structural repairs – if a tiled roof is sagging, framework repairs and support are necessary

Flashing Repairs

Roof flashing is made from either a rubber membrane or metals like aluminium, steel and zinc alloy. It’s a watertight barrier keeping your roof secure and sealed where moisture can otherwise sneak in around chimneys or whirlybirds.

However, it can fail over time as wear and tear sets in. Poor installation in the first place can also be a problem. Any movement from the flashing, or separation with the roofing cement and caulking, will lead to leaks.

It’s possible to patch up the flashing with a temporary-medium term covering, although long term repairs are best. Corroded or cracked flashing will need to be replaced to keep your home safe during bouts of wet weather.

Gutter Maintenance

Looking after your gutters is an essential part of life. Think of it like vacuuming the carpet or mowing the lawn. It’s a task that just has to be done (although maybe not quite as often as the other two). 

Leaking or overflowing gutters will likely lead to more serious water damage, and that always proves to be costly. Gutter and downpipe maintenance is pretty simple, though. 

By keeping the gutters clean from debris, the risk of overflowing rainwater during heavy storms is greatly reduced. It also helps keep your downpipes and stormwater system nice and clear.

Still, over time there will be damage. Rust and corrosion mean holes will form. And some people will find it hard to maintain gutters on their own due to accessibility issues. That’s where professional roof plumbers can assist with ongoing maintenance.

Roof Leak Repairs

Although roof leaks are closely linked to all of the above issues, it comes with its own woes.

Roof leak repairs are often one of the most serious types of roofing repairs. It’s a problem that cannot be left alone. And a leak will certainly leave you in a big mess if a water bubble bursts or your home’s structural integrity is compromised.

Common signs of a leaking roof include:

  • Damp spots on the ceiling
  • Water stains, including brown/discoloured rings or spots
  • Mould or mildew
  • A damp, musty odour
  • Moss or mould on external walls
  • Dripping water
  • Swelling or bubbling where water has collected

If you’re worried about any of the above, that’s okay. You can call the team here at Jim’s Roofing for assistance! We’re your local roofers, ready to tackle any common or uncommon roof repairs.