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Looking for a COLORBOND® steel specialist?

Jim's Roofing knows all things COLORBOND® steel and have the skills and experience to help you out!
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Looking for a COLORBOND® steel specialist?

Jim's Roofing knows all things COLORBOND® steel and have the skills and experience to help you out!

Over 50 Years of COLORBOND® Steel Excellence

When talking about roofing, you can't get far without mentioning COLORBOND® steel. Now a household name, COLORBOND® steel is committed to providing high-quality products with the durability and flexibility to fit any Australian home.

COLORBOND® steel by BlueScope Steel Limited has been providing a range of high-performance steel roofing products in Australia since 1966 - that's over 50 years!

Here at Jim's, we have a soft spot for Australian-made products. We trust COLORBOND® steel to live up to its reputation and meet the high standards of our customers. That's precisely why we love working with a brand so well known and loved across Australia.

For same day COLORBOND® steel supply and installation, Jim's Roofing is the one. We can even be at your home within 1 hour* of your call for a COLORBOND® steel roofing service!

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COLORBOND® steel by BlueScope Steel Limited is a leading manufacturer of steel products. Top architects and designers across Australia love to use COLORBOND® steel and sing its praises. Once you hear about all its features, we think you will too:

  • Over 50 years of experience in manufacturing high-quality steel for homes
  • COLORBOND® steel uses some recycled content in their steel
  • Their steel is 100% recyclable
  • Many COLORBOND® steel colours are solar reflective and can increase your home's energy efficiency
  • Thermatech® technology increases the solar reflectiveness of COLORBOND® steel steel roofs and can increase energy efficiency even more
  • Some COLORBOND® steel is coated in CORSTRIP® protective plastic film to protect it during transport and installation which can be recycled through COLORBOND® steel
  • COLORBOND® steel is compliant for use in even the most extreme bushfire zones

Beyond all that, COLORBOND® steel is available in over 20 colours! That's a colour to suit every home and style. Whether you're going for a contemporary design or a traditional look, you are covered.

Tested to Withstand the Australian Climate

COLORBOND® steel has over 12,000 steel panels across Australia from extreme marine environments to tropical and all the way to industrial settings to test how well it holds up in our harsh environment. COLORBOND® steel subjects its steel roofs to corrosion testing, durability testing and application testing to ensure their materials are up to scratch.

COLORBOND® steel has been designed with performance and flexibility in mind. COLORBOND® steel's base is manufactured right here in Australia to meet our stringent regulations and requirements.

The base is coated in the industry-leading metallic coating by BlueScope Steel Limited. This material includes their Activate technology, which protects your COLORBOND® steel roofing from corrosion so it remains durable.

A thin pretreatment layer is applied over this. This improves adhesion of layers applied on top of this, making the COLORBOND® steel material even more durable.

To further prevent corrosion, a corrosion inhibitive primer is baked onto your COLORBOND® steel product. On top of this, COLORBOND® steel specialised exterior-grade paint is baked on. This is resistant to chipping, flaking and blistering, and also helps to maintain its finish.

All of that is to say COLORBOND® steel features over 50 years of research and design technology by BlueScope Steel Limited. You can enjoy the great features of a COLORBOND® steel house with Jim's Roofing.

COLORBOND® Steel Roof Colours

If you're looking for a roofing company with a range of contemporary and timeless styles, you're in the right spot. There are over 20 different COLORBOND® steel roof colours, divided into four categories:

  • Contemporary
  • Classic
  • Matt
  • Ultra

Inspired by the colours of Australia, there's a COLORBOND® steel roof colour for every home. Whether you're looking to create a coastal beach house style or a more modern and sleek building, you'll find the COLORBOND® steel roof colours you need.

No matter what design approach you're going for, Jim's Roofing can help. We can even be at your door within just 1 hour* of your call to discuss COLORBOND® steel roof colours and more.

To top it off, we're available at the same prices, 24/7! This means you can have a Jim's roofer out at a time that suits you, whether it's the weekend, weekday evening or even a public holiday. And it's always at the same rates!

COLORBOND® Steel Guttering, Downpipes and Fascia

Did you know that COLORBOND® steel makes more than just roofing materials? There's COLORBOND® steel fascia, COLORBOND® steel flashing, COLORBOND® steel guttering and downpipes and many more products!

COLORBOND® steel guttering, downpipes and fascia are all made from their famous COLORBOND® steel material. This means you know that they'll be durable, flexible and be available in a wide range of great colours.

Whether you've got a COLORBOND® steel roof or not, your home could benefit from COLORBOND® steel guttering and fascia. You'll be sure to find a colour to complement your home.

COLORBOND® Steel Roof Sheets Price

Wondering about the COLORBOND® steel roof sheets price? When you consider all the materials and products, as well as labour and safety costs, a roofing job can add up quickly.

Thankfully with Jim's Roofing, you won't have to worry about paying the entire cost of the job upfront. We're very happy to provide our customers with the flexibility of $0 deposit, interest free payment plans**.

These plans mean you can have your roofing job started and completed without having to pay any of the COLORBOND® steel roof sheets price! How good is that?

For a prompt and experienced COLORBOND® steel roofing experience, give Jim's Roofing a call today!

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