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After some ZINCALUME® steel?

ZINCALUME® steel is a cost effective, long lasting alternative to COLORBOND® steel, giving you more flexibility when building or renovating your home.
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After some ZINCALUME® steel?

ZINCALUME® steel is a cost effective, long lasting alternative to COLORBOND® steel, giving you more flexibility when building or renovating your home.

ZINCALUME® Steel Roofing

It's easy to become overwhelmed when exploring the vast number of roofing products available. Even if you have already decided between metal sheeting or tiles, you will still need to choose a brand, the specific materials and finally the colour.

ZINCALUME® steel is a rising player on the Australian roofing scene. It's a cost effective, long lasting alternative to the popular COLORBOND® steel giving you more flexibility when building or renovating your home.

We're taking a closer look at the ins and outs of the ZINCALUME® steel roof sheeting to help you make a more informed decision regarding your roof replacement and any potential repairs down the line.

To explore the possibilities of ZINCALUME® steel, call Jim's Roofing today!

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What is Zincalume® Steel?

ZINCALUME® steel is a form of durable steel mostly used in the construction of sheds, commercial buildings and for outdoor living. But the latest generation of ZINCALUME® steel is also suitable for residential homes and is becoming an increasingly popular roofing material.

ZINCALUME® steel is a product of BlueScope Steel who promotes the metal roofing as durable, sustainable and low maintenance. It's also a more affordable alternative to corrugated COLORBOND® steel.

It was developed by Australian brand LYSAGHT® steel who used an aluminium-zinc alloy, silicone and magnesium coating to create a material four times stronger than galvanised steel that is more resistant to scuffs and scratches.

Modern ZINCALUME® steel is available as roof sheeting, gutters and downpipes. Its production uses recycled materials making it a more environmentally friendly roofing option. BlueScope Steel also tests its steel to Australian climate conditions and is so sure of its durability that they are backing it with warranties of up to 36 years.

ZINCALUME® and COLORBOND® steel - What's the Difference?

If the main event were ZINCALUME® steel vs COLORBOND® steel you would find that the two heavyweights are closely matched. They are both products of BlueScope Steel and are suitable for residential roofing.

Both metals are resistant to corrosion, more thermally efficient than roof tiles and are easy to maintain. The main difference between the two are the price and choice of colours.

One of the advantages of ZINCALUME® steel is that it's more affordable than COLORBOND® steel, making it appealing for those working to a budget. Yet, COLORBOND® steel roofing benefits from a wide range of available colours.

ZINCALUME® steel does not naturally enable much freedom of expression as it isn’t pre-painted.

What ZINCALUME® Steel Colours are Available?

After browsing the extensive range of COLORBOND® steel colours, you're probably curious as to what ZINCALUME® steel has to offer. Just one colour is available off the shelf - the natural reflective zinc/aluminium tone that could be described as an off white or dull grey.

The natural ZINCALUME® steel colour is ideal for homeowners going for the classic heritage look. Alternatively, the steel can be easily primed and painted by professionals or as a DIY job using an air spray gun. This way, you will never be short of colour inspiration.

ZINCALUME® Steel Roof Price

Metal roofing is more affordable than ceramic, concrete or terracotta roof tiles per square metre. And ZINCALUME® steel is a more affordable metal roof than COLORBOND® steel.

However, every home is unique, so the price of ZINCALUME® steel roofing will differ from job to job. When determining the price of a roof replacement, your best course of action is to seek a fixed price quote.

A Jim's Roofing technician can come to your home to measure up and discuss options before providing you with a fixed price quote on the spot. The benefits of a fixed price quote include knowing the full span of costs before work commences and eliminating the risks of hidden fees.

If the cost of a new roof or roof repairs fall outside your budget, we offer $0 deposit interest free payment plans** on all work so you can manage the financial side at a rate that best suits your lifestyle.

24/7 Metal Roofing Repairs and Replacements

Jim's Roofing is your local expert in all things roof repairs and roof replacements. We can patch up the leaks in your existing build or install a brand new roof when you're ready for an upgrade.

Our technicians are available 24/7 for after hours work and can even be at your door within an hour to deal with emergencies*. No matter the time of day, you will experience the same rates so that you can enjoy the benefits of roofing work tailored to your schedule at no extra cost.

To explore the possibilities of low maintenance ZINCALUME® steel, call Jim's Roofing today!

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    ZINCALUME® steel roofing is incredibly durable with its tough coating that can handle all the knocks and scratches that come with construction.

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