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Gutters and Downpipes

Are Your Gutters overflowing?

Gutters and downpipes are an integral part of your roof. And when they’re overflowing or leaking, Jim’s Roofing has the expertise to repair any damage.
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Are Your Gutters overflowing?

Gutters and downpipes are an integral part of your roof. And when they’re overflowing or leaking, Jim’s Roofing has the expertise to repair any damage.

Guttering and Downpipe Maintenance

One of the best things you can do as a homeowner or renter is to look after your gutters. Ongoing maintenance will protect your home from nasty water damage.

Maintaining your gutters can be a difficult task as it requires a ladder to work at a significant height. And not everyone is comfortable with clambering on the roof. Nor is the safest course of action to climb on the roof with a leaf blower.

It's safer to secure the services of Jim’s Roofing.

Our licensed roofers deliver professional gutter cleaning, maintenance and repairs. You can also rely on trusted access to a full range of materials and colours for all fascia gutters and downpipes.

With experienced workmanship and year-round service, Jim’s Roofing is here for you. Call our team now and we’ll have a local roofer at your door in no time.

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Blocked Gutter Cleaning

When your gutters are clean and flowing freely you don’t have anything to worry about. They’re transporting water safely through to your stormwater system or rainwater tank. It’s all good!

However, blocked gutters lead to overflowing pipework, contaminated rainwater and potential water and roof damage. Both aged and modern gutters are susceptible to blockages if not properly looked after.

Some of the worst causes of a blocked gutter include leaves, gumnuts and branches. And as all this plant matter breaks down it forms stubborn clumps. Water will pool or overflow, rusting out your gutters - and even downpipes - from the inside-out.

Therefore, as part of regular home maintenance, gutters and downpipes must be cleared at least twice a year. Regular gutter cleaning from Jim’s Roofing prevents leaks, rust and water seepage. Your rainwater supply also remains healthy.

We’ll be here when you need us. Our team has access to the best equipment for fast and efficient roof and blocked gutter cleaning.

Gutter Replacement

Sometimes your guttering just can’t be cleaned or repaired for long term success. For example, it could be rusted so badly that recurring leaks are likely. To best prevent future leakage or flooding, the best thing may be gutter replacement.

Jim's Roofing has experienced installers who have worked with all sorts of gutters. If you want COLORBOND® steel or BlueScope Steel, that’s easy. We have access to the best quality materials with no delay. Meanwhile, our roofers have the expertise to deliver perfectly designed guttering and downpipes for all.

Wondering what types of gutters Jim’s Roofing can help with? Our experts can maintain, repair and replace a range of gutter styles, including:

  • Square gutters
  • Fascia gutters
  • Traditional quad gutters
  • Box gutters
  • Valley gutters

Downpipe Replacement

No matter what style or colour downpipes your home has, Jim's can source the appropriate replacement. You can count on us for safe and secure installation that will assist with enhancing your stormwater system, too. 

Your home will be ready for anything. And if you’re unsure about the best course of action, don’t worry. We understand downpipes and gutters can be a bit of a mystery. Any job comes with some uncertainty as you want everything to be up to a professional standard. 

If you are looking for replacements, call Jim’s Roofing today. We’re ready to assist with renovations, repairs and the best advice. Our experienced roofers will leave a lasting impression. Your home can cope with any water flow capacity, and will be protected from future leaks or flooding.

Interest Free Guttering and Downpipes

There’s no need to put off important roofing repairs when you need a quick fix. With Jim’s Roofing on standby, an experienced roofer is always nearby for long term solutions.

Forget about leaking gutters and embrace a zero dollar deposit, interest free payment plan** for peace of mind. This allows you the freedom to tackle any job, from gutter clearing to downpipe installation.

Additionally, you can book a service any day of the week. Our local team is available seven days a week, including all public holidays, at the same rates. Leaking gutters, blocked downpipes and damaged roofs can all be repaired instantly. 


Everything you need to know about gutters and downpipes.

The maximum catchment for a downpipe is 47 m². To determine how many downpipes your home requires, multiply the length of your home by it’s width. You can then divide the total by 47 to work out how many downpipes are required - and to see if your home is currently covered appropriately. For the most part, you’ll find your home is more than adequately covered. However, it’s always best to be over-ready with more downpipes than fewer. And if you’re unsure about anything, contact Jim’s Roofing for advice.

A downpipe spreader is an attachment that spreads water coming from a downpipe on a higher level to a lower roof, usually a verandah roof. It controls the flow of water and helps prevent overflow from the lower roof. It is simply a pipe sealed at both ends, attached at right angles to the downpipe. Water is released through a series of small holes drilled into the length of the sealed pipe.

Both square downpipes and round downpipes deliver a similar flow level. Round pipes are the more efficient of the two, while square pipes suit certain house styles. Ultimately, this is one place where you can get away with your preferred look without affecting the performance of your guttering.
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