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There's nothing quite like the pitter-patter of rain on metal roofing. The pleasant sounds of rainfall can help put anyone at ease. Just like the satisfaction that comes from knowing your roof is capable of withstanding the harsh Australian conditions.

Here at Jim's Roofing, we can repair your metal roof so you can enjoy the rain without fear of it seeping in. We can also restore your existing roof or take care of a replacement so that your home once again catches the eye of everyone on the street. When it comes to residential roofing, we've got you covered.

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Benefits of Metal Roofing

Metal roofing is favoured by builders and homeowners alike who appreciate its simplicity and long-lasting appeal. If you're still tossing up between roof tiles and metal roofing, here are a few benefits of the latter that may help sway your opinion.

Durable: The steel used for Australian roofing is guaranteed to protect your home for anywhere from 30 right up to 70 or 80 years, depending on environmental conditions.

Affordable: Metal costs just a fraction of the price of tiles per square metre. Metal is also more lightweight, making re-roofing a more straightforward job with fewer support beams required to take the strain.

Low maintenance: A regular wash with fresh water is all that's required to prolong the good looks of metal roofing. Just be sure to keep the gutters and roof clear of debris.

Eco-friendly: Most metal roofing, including COLORBOND® steel, is made using recycled materials, and all steel is 100 per cent recyclable. In some cases, the discarded metal can be reused without any reprocessing.

Warranties: Warranties will always differ from product to product and from brand to brand. However, you're looking at a minimum 30-year warranty on any metal roofing designed for Australian homes.

Types of Metal Roofing

Jim's Roofing specialises in the installation, restoration and repairs of metal roofing, gutters, downpipes and metal fascias.

Metal roofing itself is a broad term often used to describe most materials outside of concrete, slate and terracotta tiles. More specifically, when talking about metal roofing, we're talking about steel. In Australia, we're almost always referring to COLORBOND® steel or ZINCALUME® steel, the two most common forms of steel used for roofing. Let's take a closer look:

COLORBOND® Steel Roofing

COLORBOND® steel is universally recognised as a leader in metal roofing. As part of the BlueScope Steel brand and previously part of BHP, COLORBOND® steel roofing has been a staple of the Australian landscape for over 50 years and it’s no surprise as to why:

Corrugated steel built to last:

Their corrugated steel is renowned for its performance in all weather extremes including heat, wind, hail, dust and rain. It's also a thermally efficient material, bushfire zone-compliant and backed by lengthy warranties.

Huge selection of colours:

There's a lot to like about the rigid steel, although arguably what Aussies favour most is the excellent selection of COLORBOND® steel colours. With over 20 powder coated colours to choose from, you won't have to settle for anything less than ideal. You can even mix and match COLORBOND® steel colours between the roof, guttering and fascias if you desire.

Conveniently available Australia-wide:

COLORBOND® steel is both a manufacturer of materials for roofing and a steel supplier for many other leading Australian brands. With stockists available across Australia, it’s easy to find a COLORBOND® steel supplier. Even if you go for another brand, the chances are that COLORBOND® steel is involved.

We can provide you with roof repairs perfectly matched to your existing setup with a quick turnaround. Here at Jim’s Roofing we can repair, replace and restore your COLORBOND® steel roof, doing our best to get there within 1 hour of your call*!

LYSAGHT® Steel and Stratco

So why would you choose another brand if the steel is provided by COLORBOND® steel? Other leading Australian manufacturers, including LYSAGHT® steel and Stratco offer individuality along with the reliable COLORBOND® steel performance.

Unique Profiles and Designs:

COLORBOND® steel sticks closely to its familiar corrugated profile which resembles parallel ridges or waves. LYSAGHT® steel and Stratco bring fresh profiles and designs to consumers with patented designs including TRIMDEK®, SPANDEK®, Maximus 22, Maximus 23 and Smartspan to name a few. More profiles mean more variety for you and your home.

Local Availability:

LYSAGHT® steel and Stratco products including steel roofing, gutters and downpipes are readily available from suppliers located right across Australia. Their proven materials are suitable for all environments and all architectural styles.

Legacy of Steel:

LYSAGHT® steel is responsible for creating COLORBOND® steel back in the 1960s, ZINCALUME® steel in the 70s and was behind many other steel innovations that affected the global construction industry. Stratco has over 70 years of manufacturing metal for Australian conditions. These two founding brands helped shape the industry and continue to thrive and innovate on a global scale.


ZINCALUME® steel is a rising player on the roofing scene. It’s a popular material for constructing sheds, garden beds and outdoor living arrangements with the latest and toughest generation suitable for roofing.

One Tough Customer:

ZINCALUME® steel sheet metal is one of the toughest residential steel products available and is highly resistant to corrosion. It’s made with an aluminium-zinc alloy, silicone and magnesium coating that further protects the material from scratches and scuffs.

More Affordable Than COLORBOND® Steel:

A ZINCALUME® steel roof will closely resemble a COLORBOND® steel roof, but is more affordable, making it an attractive option. It doesn’t quite reach the thermal efficiency of COLORBOND® steel; thankfully roof insulation takes care of the heat and cold weather.

Extended Warranties:

BlueScope Steel is the current owner of ZINCALUME® steel technology. The global brand is so sure of its durability that they are backing it with warranties of up to 36 years. With a ZINCALUME® steel roof, you can rest easy knowing that your home will be protected from the elements for decades to come.

24/7 Metal Roof Repairs

When a storm causes damage to your roof, Jim's Roofing can help. We are available 24/7 for leaking roof repairs with no additional fees for after hours call outs. Our team of technicians can even be at your door within an hour of your call* to deal with emergencies.

A Jim's technician can repair metal roofing to keep your home protected from the elements. Our repairs can extend to the gutters, downpipes and fascias, making us your one-stop shop for roofing. Our repairs include:

  • Fixing leaks
  • Positioning gutters, downpipes & fascia
  • Replacing worn flashing
  • Roof painting
  • Roof repointing
  • Installing a brand new metal or tile roof

Price of Metal Roofing

Whether you're looking for a roof replacement or repairs for your existing setup, all work begins with a fixed price quote. A Jim's Roofing technician will come out to inspect your home and provide you with a fixed price quote on the spot.

This way, you will know the total cost before any work has commenced. A fixed price quote removes risks of being hit with hidden fees or additional charges down the track.

And if the price of a brand new roof falls outside the budget, why not take advantage of our $0 deposit, interest free payment plans**? Using leading brands like Zip Pay and Humm, you can receive finance for roofing today and pay for the work at a rate that better suits your lifestyle.

Metal Roofing Replacement

A roof repair could fix the annoying leak, but it won't fix the problems caused by an ageing roof. Re-roofing can provide you with a stunning replacement that brings your home into the modern era and protects you for decades to come. You can even swap out the decaying tiles and have them replaced with Australian steel with ease.

It all begins with the pleasure of exploring a considerable colour palette before basking in the daily satisfaction that comes from your home's rejuvenation. To explore the possibilities of a new roof or to book us in for repairs, call Jim's Roofing today!


What are the advantages of metal roofing?
  • Affordability: Metal costs just a fraction of the price of tiles per square meter. The installation is also easier with fewer support beams required to take the weight.
  • Durability: The steel used for Australian roofing is guaranteed to protect your home for anywhere from 30 right up to 70 or 80 years.
  • Low maintenance: A regular wash with fresh water is all that's required to prolong the good looks of metal roofing.
  • Eco-friendly: Most metal roofing, including COLORBOND® steel is made using recycled materials, and all steel is 100 per cent recyclable.
  • Warranties: Warranties will always differ from product to product and from brand to brand. However, you're looking at a minimum 30-year warranty on any metal roofing designed for Australian homes.

Metal roofing is the more affordable option. The cost of metal roofing from popular brands like COLORBOND® steel or ZINCALUME® steel is cheaper per square metre when compared to tiles. The installation is also cheaper as metal can be installed quicker and with less supporting beams required.

No, metal roofing can keep a house cooler in the summer. As sheet metal is low density, it reflects some heat and loses the remainder at a much quicker rate than roof tiles which tend to absorb more and retain heat for longer. Metal roofing is the better choice for when trying to cool a home during summer.

Yes it can. Even the toughest metal roof will fade after years exposed to the sun. A Jim’s Roofing technician can repaint your roof so that it looks brand new again. They will scrape away the flaking existing paint, rust and debris before pressure cleaning and repainting to your colour of choice using an airless spray gun. This results in a roof that looks as good as new.
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    ZINCALUME® steel roofing is incredibly durable with its tough coating that can handle all the knocks and scratches that come with construction.

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    Stratco has a range of high-quality metal roofing on offer including CGI Corrugated, Superdek, Prodek and CGI mini.

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    Monier roof tiles include a full range of terracotta and concrete tiles as well as innovative Solartiles that fit perfectly into tiled roofs.

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    LYSAGHT® steel roofing has various profiles to suit all sorts of tastes and applications. Trimdek, Custom Orb and Klip-Lok are just some LYSAGHT® steel products.

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    COLORBOND® steel is synonymous with metal roofing in Australia. It’s famously durable and comes in a wide range of colours.

  • Boral Logo

    Boral supplies a range of terracotta, ceramic and concrete roof tiles made right here in Australia from local materials.

  • BlueScope Steel Logo

    BlueScope Steel is well known for its steel roofing products and they include the brands COLORBOND® steel, ZINCALUME® steel and LYSAGHT® steel.