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rainheads and sumps

Rainheads and Sumps

Stop box gutters overflowing

Rainheads and sumps are there to stop water overflowing in box gutters during intense rain. Jim’s Roofing is the expert when it comes to maintaining your box gutters.
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Stop box gutters overflowing

Rainheads and sumps are there to stop water overflowing in box gutters during intense rain. Jim’s Roofing is the expert when it comes to maintaining your box gutters.

Rainhead and Sump Installation

You have likely seen rainheads and sumps located on the side of many modern buildings, homes and apartments. They are an essential part of any building which has trough, valley or box gutters.

Their role is to collect excess rainwater inside a larger funnel than traditional downpipes offer, which is crucial for internal gutters where water can pool or overflow far more easily.

Jim's Roofing is your local expert for all rainhead or sump installation, maintenance and replacement. Not only can we source and supply new products, but our fully licensed roofing specialists also repair any associated gutters and downpipes.

With fast and reliable attendance within the hour* across Australia, you know that Jim's will save you the hassle of climbing on the roof and getting into a risky situation.

Our same day service means last minute gutter cleaning is always an option, if you forget, and we can be there before a weather emergency hits. And with no additional after hours fees you can always enjoy the same great rates on evenings, public holidays or weekends.

When you need professional rainhead and sump services, Jim's Roofing is ready to answer your call. Contact us now to book your local roof plumber.

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Rain Heads, Sumps and Stormwater

You will find rainheads and sumps located on the side of a wall, in between a box gutter and downpipe.

Box gutters are an internal gutter, different from the more common ones you see hanging on the side of a roof or fascia. They are more prone to blockages and overflow due to their design.

Rainheads act as a funnel to ensure rainwater safely flows into downpipes and the stormwater system, minimising the risk of water overflowing and damaging the inside of the building. It also minimises the risk of water surges into the stormwater system.

A screen/filter can also be installed on a rainhead to deflect plant matter and keep insects out of the water supply. This is especially useful for rainwater which is recycled in a rainwater tank. The collected water is of a higher quality with minimal effort.

Sumps, meanwhile, are slightly different in design. They are a water container reservoir which provides a safer collection zone for rain before it goes into stormwater drains or rainwater tanks.

In terms of materials, they are available in COLORBOND® steel, ZINCALUME® steel, aluminium, stainless steel or PVC.

Versatile Rainhead Styles and Designs

Installing a rainhead is essential for any home with a box gutter, or similar. But it's also a helpful addition to any gutter. Not only is rain safely collected, but you can also make the most of a modern or classic design to complement your home.

As mentioned above, the wide range of styles and designs cater to every home so there's always an easy way to match colours thanks to the likes of COLORBOND® steel.

Meanwhile, the design of rainheads and sumps flows with any building. Some of the most popular include:

  • Box rainheads - Square or tapered designs offer simplicity and practicality
  • Curved rainheads - Softer edges ensure the rainhead blends in seamlessly
  • Round rainheads - Make a statement with concave, convex or round designs
  • Segmented rainheads - The more traditional design is perfect for ornate or elegant architecture
  • Tapered rainheads - The tapered bottom allows for efficient water drainage

Whether you're after a conical, curved, box or tapered design, there is always a custom design on offer.

With so many styles available from a range of suppliers, it is easy to be overwhelmed. This is where Jim's Roofing can assist in sourcing rainheads, sumps and all other guttering products.

Our qualified roof plumbers can assess your home for the best water drainage management plan before providing advice on the best solution. You want to be able to cater for intense rainfall, and ensure all legal requirements are met.

Rainhead and Sumps Price

Sumps, rainheads and box gutters do not come with a one size fits all price. Every home comes with its own unique needs.

And if you are using COLORBOND® steel or ZINCALUME® steel, than the cost will certainly be more than PVC. Custom designs can add more, too.

Customers can always be confident of the price when using Jim's Roofing, though. We provide an upfront assessment on site to ensure we know exactly what work is required so you can receive a fixed price quote before anything begins.

You also have the choice of pairing any work with a flexible $0 deposit, interest free payment plan**. Our payment plans are a handy addition to any job, allowing customers to balance their budget while having quality work completed in a timely fashion.

Approval is often granted within minutes, and your Jim's Roofing specialist will quickly begin work on your rainhead or sump installation.

With great prices on offer 24/7 there's no need to delay your next job. Contact Jim's Roofing today and we can have an expert at your door within one hour* of your call.


Find the answers to all your rainheads and sumps questions right here.

A rainhead is an external overflow funnel located in between the end of a box gutter and downpipes. The container collects excess water which could otherwise spill over a box gutter and into a ceiling space. The rainhead safely funnels water away from the home, and also minimises water surges into stormwater drains.

A sump is similar to a rainhead, although far more simple. It is more of a water collection reservoir where excess water can be safely stored and channelled into the downpipe. Like the rainhead, a sump minimises the risk of overflowing internal gutters.

Yes. Local state-based building authorities and Australian standards have outlined various regulations for box gutters, rainheads and sumps. Regulations specify crucial information such as overflow provision and size, hydraulic capacity, gutter installation and more. For the best practices, contact your local building authority or a licensed roof plumbing company such as Jim’s Roofing.

Any home or building which has internal gutters, such as box or valley gutters, requires a rainhead. It’s a necessary piece of equipment to prevent rain water overflowing into the building as internal gutters are susceptible to blockages and overflow.
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