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Roof Fascia

Are your fascias in need of repair?

A fascia is an essential part of every residential roof. Its purpose goes well beyond providing your home with street appeal, as it supports many of the fixtures and works to keep water out.
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Are your fascias in need of repair?

A fascia is an essential part of every residential roof. Its purpose goes well beyond providing your home with street appeal, as it supports many of the fixtures and works to keep water out.

What is a fascia?

Fitness and health-conscious folk will recognise a fascia as the thin connective tissue that protects your body's organs, muscles and blood vessels. However, builders and homeowners recognise a roof fascia as the board that holds the gutter, downpipes and roof of a building in place.

You could guess that Jim's Roofing are experts in all aspects of the latter. Our team of experienced technicians work with roof fascia during our roof repair and roof replacement process, doing what's needed to get your home into tip-top shape for protection from the elements and the best possible street appeal.

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What is a Roof Fascia Board?

The fascia is an essential part of every residential roof and building. There's an excellent chance that your house has one, even if you're unable to identify it or its purpose. The fascia is the long straight board that appears under the edge of your roofing. It supports the gutter around the perimeter of your home and works in conjunction with the downpipes, bargeboards and soffits.

The fascia board looks like decoration, but it serves more vital functions than improving your home's aesthetics. Here's an outline on the specific functions of a fascia:

  • Helps secure the guttering and downpipes in place
  • Supports the lowest edge of overhanging tiles
  • Adds eye catching trim to your roofing
  • Seals the gap between roof and wall keeping water and insects out
  • Keeps moisture out of the roof cavity

The word fascia derives from Latin where it means "band or bandage", so it makes sense that this is the term used to describe a board that bands the sides of your home with the roofing.

Types of Fascia

Fascias are available in a range of materials with unique patterns and colours. However, there are two main types found in Australia: the timber fascia and metal fascia. Both are suitable for Australian conditions, and there are benefits to both. Let's take a closer look:

Timber Fascia

Timber fascias are popular across Australia for their affordability and classic appearance. Treated pine is the most commonly used material which is available plain or engraved with grooves or patterns. Timber can support metal roofing or a tile roof along with steel or PVC downpipes.

A timber fascia is not water-resistant. All forms of wood are susceptible to rot, so you will need to prime and paint your fascia to ensure it lasts for many years out there in the often harsh Australian weather. Timber fascias are easy to replace and repair should you ever experience damage.

Metal Fascia

So you're interested in securing a gorgeous COLORBOND® steel roof for your home? Well, the good news is that COLORBOND® steel also makes metal fascia, metal gutters, downpipes and the associated metal products like brackets and fittings. BlueScope Steel is responsible for the clean COLORBOND® steel look which also provides long lasting protection.

ZINCALUME® steel is one of the other few suitable metal products available on the roofing scene. This material is also a product of BlueScope, and it’s made from an aluminium-zinc alloy with a magnesium coating. ZINCALUME® steel is incredibly durable and affordable, but it's not rated to the same lifespan as COLORBOND® steel and is available in limited colours.

Whichever metal you go with, it’s guaranteed to be longer lasting than timber with lower maintenance required and your choice of paint colours.

Price of a Roof Fascia

Fascias themselves are very affordable. It's the costs associated with removing existing fascia and installing new materials that warrants a fixed price quote. All Jim's Roofing work begins with a fixed price quote that outlines the complete costs upfront before any work has commenced. This way, you can't be stung by any additional costs or fees down the line.

A technician will attend your house to inspect the roof and provide you with a fixed price quote on the spot. We also offer $0 deposit interest free payment plans on all work** so you can have your roofing done quick smart and manage the payments at a rate that suits you best. We offer plans through Humm and Zip Pay, among others.

24/7 Fascia Installation and Repairs

Jim's Roofing is available 24/7 for roof repairs. There's no reason why you should put up with leaks and buckets when we can be at your home after hours, on weekends and during public holidays. We can even be at your door within an hour to deal with emergencies*.

Our team of technicians can replace weather worn fascia board with brand new timber or metal fascias and take on additional work with your gutters, downpipes and roofing in general. This way, your house scores a facelift at a time that best suits your lifestyle.

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All your roof fascia frequently asked questions.

Metal is the strongest material available for fascia boards, but it is also more expensive than timber. Treated pine is a perfectly suitable option that’s also cost effective. Weigh up the pros and cons of both to determine which is best for you.

Absolutely. They provide a solid foundation for your gutters, downpipes and the roofing that extends over the edge of a home. They also keep the water, moisture and insects out while giving your home some additional street appeal.

A fascia supports the gutters and downpipes while keeping water and insects out of the roof cavity. A soffit is the material on the underside of the eaves which protects the rafters from the elements but also improves ventilation, reducing the chance of mould. The two parts work together to complete the trim of your roof.

In Australia, the most commonly used timber for fascia boards is treated pine. It’s durable and versatile timber used widely for walls, posts, decking and roofs. Treated pine has a lifespan of 15 to 20 years with a quality weather-resistant paint ensuring that lasting appeal.
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