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Keep your roof secure with quality flashing

Roof flashing has to do its job if you want a roof that doesn’t leak. Jim’s Roofing can repair or replace your flashing 24/7.
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Keep your roof secure with quality flashing

Roof flashing has to do its job if you want a roof that doesn’t leak. Jim’s Roofing can repair or replace your flashing 24/7.

Your Local Roof Flashing Experts

Here at Jim's Roofing, we have an expert team of roofing professionals available 24/7 for your roof flashing needs. Whether it's a flashing installation, repair or service that you're after, Jim's can be at your front door within an hour*! We don't charge any extra for after hours work - if you need us at night, on the weekend or during a public holiday, you'll pay the same great rates as always!

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Roof Flashing Repairs

Roof flashing repairs match the material that your flashing is made from so that the repair is invisible. Attempting roof flashing repairs with silicone can give you a short term fix, but the silicone will rapidly deteriorate in such an exposed position and fail sooner rather than later. Our repairs will do the job properly.

Roof Flashing Replacement

Replacing roof flashing is an essential step in keeping your home safe and free from weather damage. Without flashing, water could squeeze its way down through any tiny gap between your roof and connecting wall, leaking into your home.

One of the most common causes of roof leaks is improperly installed or damaged roof flashing. An improper installation could have dire long term effects, and could lead to such home horrors as wood rot or even ceiling replacement.

To avoid these disastrous outcomes, it's important to put your flashing replacement in hands you can trust. Jim's Roofing is the number one choice for all of your flashing replacement needs. Our expert roofers are fully qualified and licensed to carry out any home improvement service of your roof and provide you with flashings that will last.

We Repair all Types of Roof Flashing

The wide range of roof flashing types might be surprising. After all, each different roof feature has a unique shape and design, and they all need protection. Therefore, a lot of flashing designs are available to suit each and every feature.

Continuous flashing, also known as 'apron flashing', acts as its alternate name suggests: like an apron. This standard form of flashing is a single long piece of metal that redirects water flow. Continuous flashing is not the most versatile type of water protection, as it struggles to move with an expanding and contracting house over the course of different seasons. Without built-in expansion joints, this type of flashing could break and fail to prevent water damage.

Step flashing is used to shield the space between where the roof meets a side wall. Step flashing is rectangular and has a 90 degree bend at its centre. This type is essential for any home, as it protects the areas of a roof that are the most vulnerable to leaks, and enhances structural integrity. Step flashing is installed in layers with your roof's shingles, to ensure that rain flows away from the wall.

Base flashing is placed around the base of specific roof features, such as chimneys, that require multiple pieces of protection. Chimney flashing is known for being difficult to install, and so the two-piece nature of base flashing helps with the installation process. Thanks to its two-part design, base flashing is able to move and shift with the home. This keeps the flashing secure and ensures longevity for rain protection.

Counter-flashing is installed opposite or above base flashing. It completes the two-part system.

Other common types of flashing include:

  • Drip edges
  • Valley flashing
  • Skylight flashing
  • Kickout flashing
  • Corrugated flashing

Our roofing professionals know each and every flashing type like the back of their hands. For more information on the different types of flashings and their benefits, contact the experts at Jim's Roofing.

Quality Roof Flashing Service 24/7

Jim's Roofing is proud to offer around the clock availability for all of our customers. That's right, whether you need us morning, noon or night, we're here for you. And yes, that includes weekends and public holidays too!

If your flashings need immediate attention, don't worry! Our expert roofers can be on site within 1 hour* of your call. And the good news doesn't end there - you'll pay the same fantastic rates no matter when you book us!

Your roof deserves the best service available, and Jim's Roofing is here to deliver. Contact us today for more information.

Roof Flashing Price

Flashing is an absolute necessity for any home, and needs to be in top shape to effectively prevent water from leaking into your home. However, at Jim's Roofing, we understand that our budgets don't always agree with our household needs. That's why we're proud to offer customers a range of $0 deposit, interest free payment plans**.

We've designed our payment plans to be flexible, so that they fit perfectly into your lifestyle. If you'd prefer to make weekly or fortnightly payments, that's no problem! We have both options available, and the choice is yours.

You can sign up for your preferred payment option on site when your expert roofer arrives. They can have you set up in no time, before they carry on with your flashing service. For more information, contact Jim's Roofing today!


Find the answers to all your roof flashing questions right here.

Roof flashing is used to direct water away from areas of your roof and prevent leaks. It is a thin but strong material, typically made from aluminium, copper or steel. Different flashings are available to suit all roof types, such as corrugated flashing for corrugated roofs. Flashing is often used around areas such as chimneys, vents, gutters, skylights, or similar areas that need water redirection. It's also needed at any point where your roof meets a vertical wall, as well as low points of a ridge, slope or valley. When it rains, flashing will direct the water to flow onto the roof tiles and into the gutter, instead of it leaking down into the roof deck.

Yes, roof flashing is almost as important as the roof itself. Without properly installed flashing, your roof is exposed to water leaks that can drip down into your home and potentially cause severe damage.

Most flashing is made from durable rust-resistant metals such as aluminium or galvanised steel. Due to its strong nature, flashing should last just as long as the roof itself. If you expect your roof to last 30 years, then the flashing should last at least that long as well.

As metal flashings are designed from long-lasting materials such as steel or aluminium, you could reuse them if you are replacing your roof. However, this is not recommended if you want to maintain the integrity of your new roof, as your old flashings may not be compatible with the new design. Ideally, it is better to replace the flashings as well.
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