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Beat the heat with expertly installed roof insulation!

Roof insulation makes the most of your roof’s capacity to control the climate inside. Why just keep the rain out when you can keep out the heat and cold as well?
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Beat the heat with expertly installed roof insulation!

Roof insulation makes the most of your roof’s capacity to control the climate inside. Why just keep the rain out when you can keep out the heat and cold as well?

Expert Roof Insulation Installers

Did you know that 25-35% of your home's heat loss in winter is through the roof? Or that your home gains just as much heat through the roof in the summer months?

Good insulation can reduce this dramatically. Jim's Roofing has expert roof insulation installers who can set this up for you.

It can also help you save up to 50% on your heating and cooling bills! This means you'll be paying less for the running costs of your air conditioners and heaters, as well as helping out the environment!

Jim's roof insulation installers can help you find the best insulation to suit your home. We can even have our roofers at your home within 1 hour* of your call and install it that same day.

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Benefits of Insulation

Insulation helps to keep your home comfortable year-round. It prevents heat loss in winter and keeps your home cool in the summer.

There are more benefits of insulation beyond just helping to regulate your home's temperature though:

  • Improves energy efficiency of heating and cooling systems
  • Reduce your greenhouse gas emissions
  • Cut down your energy bills
  • Some types provide acoustic insulation
  • Moisture and condensation control in your roof space

To enjoy these benefits, it's crucial you have an experienced installer do the job right. Poorly installed roof insulation might have the opposite effect that you're looking for.

Types of Insulation

We can categorise the different types of insulation into two groups - reflective and bulk.

Reflective insulation does precisely as the name would suggest - reflects heat back away from your home and has a low capacity for re-radiating heat that it does absorb. These are collectively called reflective foil laminates (RFLs).

RFLs have a shiny, reflective foil side made from aluminium. This is laminated onto plastic or paper and comes in sheets, called sarks.

This type of insulation performs poorly if there is a build-up of dust on the shiny side. The insulator is installed in your roof space with an air gap between the layers.

Bulk insulation has pockets of air in the material which prevent heat transfer. This insulation type can be made from a variety of materials:

  • Glass wool
  • Wool
  • Cellulose fibre
  • Polyester
  • Polystyrene

Installing insulation will vary depending on what type you are using and the material it is made from. A professional roof specialist will make sure yours is installed correctly and that it will work effectively.

Jim's Roofing specialises in the installation of reflective foil laminates and can improve your home's thermal performance today!

Insulation R Values Explained

When looking into different insulators, you might come across something called the R value. This is a value used to measure an insulator's resistance to heat flow.

The higher the R value, the better its thermal resistance. The installation of your insulation products can also have an impact on R values.

What R value do you need? Well, that depends on a few factors such as your climate. A professional roofing specialist like those found at Jim's Roofing can ensure the installation of your insulation is correct and meets the listed R values, effectively preventing unwanted heat flow in your home.

Installing Roof Insulation 24/7

Are you looking at installing roof insulation but can't find someone who can work with your schedule? We understand you're working to a tight timeline, that's why we're available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and all at the same prices!

We can install roof insulation in your home at a time that suits you. After work on a Monday? How about the weekend? It doesn't matter to us - we have the same prices 24/7! We work around the clock so we can be with you at a time that suits you.

Roof Insulation Cost

Insulation is one of those things where you pay now and reap the savings on your energy and heating bills further down the line. It's a long-term investment in your home.

Thankfully with Jim's Roofing, you can enjoy minimised heat losses without having to worry about the roof insulation cost upfront. We have great interest free payment plans** with a $0 deposit which means you can defer the initial roof insulation cost over weekly or fortnightly instalments.

At Jim's Roofing, we also provide upfront, fixed quotes before we begin any work. This means you're paying for the job, not by the hour, and you know exactly what roof insulation cost you're paying.

If you're ready to install the best roof insulation around your roof, give us a call or use our booking form below to book in one of our roof specialists today!


All your roof insulation questions answered in one place.

Neither ceiling nor roof insulation is better than the other - it depends on your home's needs and budget. Ceiling insulation is less costly and can be less complicated to install upfront. Roof insulation, however, can be more effective once installed.

Yes, roof insulation does make a difference! You lose 25-35% of your home's warmth through the roof in winter and gain just as much heat during summer. Properly installed insulation can reduce this significantly and can even reduce your air conditioning bills by up to 50%!

The R value insulation you need depends on your climate. You can typically find R values between 1.5 and 7. The Building Code of Australia has set a minimum R values across Australia dependent on their climate. For the most part, this R value is 4.1 for roof insulators but can change with other factors. Research shows that a higher R value can also be of benefit to your home.
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