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Roof Painting

Give your roof a refresh with a fresh coat of paint

Roof painting is a great way of improving the value and appeal of your house. Jim’s Roofing has the experienced roof painters to do the job.
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Give your roof a refresh with a fresh coat of paint

Roof painting is a great way of improving the value and appeal of your house. Jim’s Roofing has the experienced roof painters to do the job.

Roof Cleaning

Roof painting is not just a matter of slapping some paint on the roof. It requires careful preparations including making sure on a cement tiled roof that all the mortar is in good order and repointing and re-bedding the ridge tiles as needed.

The roof first needs to be properly cleaned and the surface prepared for a couple of coats of high quality paint. Jim's roof painters are experienced and strictly adhere to all safe work practices at heights. We offer interest free finance, same prices 24/7 and unrivalled availability.

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Painting a Tiled Roof

Painting a roof is a fantastic way of adding value to your house. Among the benefits are:

  • Improved aesthetics
  • Protection from rust
  • Minimise heat absorption with reflective paint
  • Extend the life of the roof

Cement Tiles

Cement tiles are perfect for painting. Like anything, they fade over time and start to look worn and dirty. You can really lift the look of your home with a new colour or just a freshen up.

Terracotta Tiles

Unfortunately terracotta tile roofs are not suitable for painting. Terracotta tiles are either glazed or unglazed, but both sorts are not a good substrate for paint.


If you are thinking of cleaning and repairing the roof, and you have cement tiles, you really should consider roof painting as well. All cracked roof tiles are replaced, the flashing around roof penetrations such as chimneys and skylights is checked and the mortar under the ridge caps made good. Things that are not to be painted are covered and our roof painters then apply the paint if weather conditions permit. Dry and warm is best. The final result is a huge improvement.

Painting a Metal Roof

Australians have been painting corrugated iron roofs for more than a century, so it's not surprising that we paint galvanised roofs.


But you might be surprised to hear that we paint COLORBOND® steel roofs. COLORBOND® steel is famously durable, but it doesn't look great forever and the original colour choice might not be to your taste. Jim's roofing gives you the option to change or refresh the colour and make everything look brand new again. The benefits are:

  • New colour
  • Fresh look
  • Longevity


Any metal roof such as ZINCALUME® steel and any profile such as standing seam are excellent candidates for a couple of coats of long-lasting roof paint. The benefits are:

  • Colour of your choice
  • Extra protection against corrosion
  • Added durability

It's much the same process painting a metal roof as it is a tiled roof - the surface has to be cleaned and sealed first and things like rusted valleys repaired. And like a freshly repainted tiled roof, the result is amazing and adds long term value to your property.

How do you Paint the Roof?

As with all painting, the work is in the preparation. This is what we do:

  • Remove any solar panels
  • Cleaned professionally with high-pressure cleaner
  • Complete any necessary repair work
  • Apply primer
  • We apply your chosen coloured paint as necessary
  • If you had solar panels we will also put these back on

Roof Painters Available Any Day

The big advantage Jim's Roofing has over competitors in the roofing industry is our availability. We don't pack up and take a break on the weekend or even on public holidays. So there's no problem if you want to be home and see the job being done by our roof painter even if you work full time. And the cost isn't a problem either because we charge the same rates every day. Sunday and Monday are the same to us.

Interest Free Roof Painter

Jim's Roofing understands that everything doesn't have to be paid all at once. We are part of the interest free world and offer plans** that need no deposit and on which you never pay any interest. This along with our same rates any day means that you can afford the roof painting job you want right now.

So don't hesitate to contact Jim's Roofing for all your roofing needs. We can be with you within an hour* to assess your roof painting job and give you a quote.


Find the answers to all your roof painting questions right here.

You can't successfully paint terracotta roof tiles because the paint won't stick very well and is likely to start peeling in about 6 months. This applies to both glazed and unglazed terracotta roof tiles. A professional clean will improve the appearance of old terracotta roof tiles and the overall appearance of your house.

Painting a roof is mostly about revitalising your house. It doesn't really help with leaks or heat or anything like that. The roof restoration that is part of the preparation can pre-empt possible future problems because rusty valleys get replaced and mortar on the ridges (if you have a tiled roof) are re-done so there won't be leaks and vermin getting into the roof space. But it really comes down to what you want your house to look like. If you want a bright new roof and don't want to replace your current one, then it's definitely a good idea.

Our roof painters can 'cut in' around your solar panels by hand and then cover the panels with drop sheets to prevent any overspray if you do not want the panels removed. If you want to paint underneath the panels, the panels will have to be taken off and put back when the job is complete.
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