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Roof Plumbing

Roof plumbers available now!

If your stormwater drain is blocked or the rain cascades over the sides of your gutters, you need an expert roof plumber.
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Roof plumbers available now!

If your stormwater drain is blocked or the rain cascades over the sides of your gutters, you need an expert roof plumber.

Licensed Roof Plumbers

Here at Jim's Roofing we are determined to keep to the high standards of the trustworthy Jim's name. That means you can be sure that all our roof plumbers are licensed and experienced. They are expert in all roof plumbing services including:

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Roof Drainage Systems

Roof plumbers specialise in roof drainage systems. That's everything from the roof itself to roof flashing, gutters, downpipes, fascias, rainwater tanks and stormwater drains. All of the elements that channel and drain rainwater from your roof are what roof plumbing is all about.

Blocked Gutters

The simplest roof plumbing job is getting rid of the inevitable blockages in gutters, downpipes and stormwater drains. The commonest cause of problems leading to leaks and overflows is the build-up of leaves and debris in the valleys of roofing and in gutters. This build-up has to be removed because allowing it to be washed into downpipes and stormwater drains just causes them to block too.


Clearing gutters and valleys may well be something that you can do yourself, but blocked stormwater drains often require professional equipment such as a hydrojet to blast out all the accumulated rubbish.

Leaking Roofs

The service we are called out for most often here at Jim's Roofing is leaking roofs. Sometimes it's water backing up from a blockage in the roof drainage system, but it can also be a cracked tile or a hole or roof flashing that has deteriorated. The team at Jim's Roofing can diagnose exactly what the problem is with your roofing and get it fixed fast. And roof leaks have to be fixed as soon as possible. Wet rafters and ceilings are a recipe for disaster and leaks are not things that go away. You don't want rain in your home because it damages the structure.

Experienced Roof Plumbers

You need experienced roof plumbers for leak detection because roof leaks are surprisingly difficult to find. Our roof plumbers are familiar with the way stormwater behaves on a roof and can come up with a solution that isn't just trial and error. Call us at Jim's Roofing for our professional leak detection and leaking roof repair services. We repair and replace old lead flashing, re-do worn silicone and fix up dektite on your roof.

Our roof plumbing services are currently provided in Adelaide, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Geelong.

Rainwater Plumbing

Roof plumbing also involves directing rainwater from roofing into rainwater tanks and plumbing the overflow into your stormwater drain. Another skill that Jim's roof plumbers have is the ability to plumb the rainwater into the house. The tank water can be used to flush toilets or in the laundry. Rainwater can run out if it's been especially dry, so a Jim's roof plumber installs a backup system that switches to mains water when necessary.

Roof Plumbing Skills

A roof plumber has to have the skills to read and interpret technical diagrams and are definitely the people you need to do things like replace your gutters. They understand angles and falls and install roof plumbing correctly so that the roof successfully collects and disposes of the rain. A good roof plumber such as you will find at Jim's does not guess how many downpipes you need and where they should go - they know exactly how to calculate the amount of water your roof will shed by taking into account both the catchment and the pitch to determine precisely how many drainpipes are required and where they should go. They are roofing drainage experts.

Interest Free Roof Plumber

Roofing and roof plumbing can be one of those expenses that are necessary, but unplanned. You can't neglect roof plumbing work, but an interest free finance option** can help resolve this problem. Jim's Roofing can arrange such $0 interest free payment plans** with reputable providers such as Zip and Humm, allowing you to get essential roof plumbing work done when it should be done.


Everything you need to know about roof plumbing.

A roof plumber deals with all the aspects of your roof that capture and shed rainwater. They install things in the roof such as skylights and ensure that they are watertight. All roof plumbing such as gutters, downpipes and stormwater drains are their speciality.

It depends on the plumber. Some plumbers are qualified in all areas of plumbing, including roof plumbing and can fix leaks. A roof plumber is the best person for the job because they are specialists in this field of plumbing.

A roofer is simply a tradesperson who installs roofs, tile or metal. A roof plumber works on those parts of the roof that keep water out of the house and direct it into the stormwater system.
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