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Showcase your home’s beauty with quality roof tiles

There’s no better way to highlight your home’s most prominent feature thanks to the timeless elegance of roof tiles. Ceramic, cement or terracotta, no matter what you have, Jim’s Roofing can keep them in top condition with our professional maintenance, repairs and installation.
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Showcase your home’s beauty with quality roof tiles

There’s no better way to highlight your home’s most prominent feature thanks to the timeless elegance of roof tiles. Ceramic, cement or terracotta, no matter what you have, Jim’s Roofing can keep them in top condition with our professional maintenance, repairs and installation.

The Benefits of Tiled Roofs

Your roof is always on show. It accounts for roughly 30 per cent of your home’s façade, and as a result, it should always look its best! That's why you want to look after your roof tiles, too.

With a vast range of materials and colours to choose from there are roof tiles to suit every home. The benefits also extend far beyond design and look.

Some of the top qualities you can look forward to include:

Strength and Durability

Popular terracotta and cement roof tiles often strengthen with age due to their curing process. You can expect them to last an average of 50 years with proper maintenance. Meanwhile, ceramic or clay tiles can last even longer, up to 100 years.

Resilience to Harsh Australian Conditions

Roof tiles do not rust or corrode, making them perfect for beachside and coastal climates. Meanwhile, they are fire also fire resistant, which is a crucial factor for Australia’s challenging summer extremes.

Colour Versatility

You never have to settle for beige, cream, black or grey when it comes to tiles. A wide range of colours are on offer, including decadent greens and strong reds, so you can look forward to a colourful roof for decades.

Sound Insulation & Temperature Positivity

Roof tiles are brilliant at reducing external noise by up to 30 dB, which is double the barrier other roofing materials can provide. They also reflect heat in summer, keeping your house cooler.

Maintain Rainwater Health

Your rainwater quality will never be impacted as the water collected from tiled roofs is just as safe as other materials.

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How Jim’s Roofing Can Help You

Whether the job’s roof restoration, roof repairs or tile replacement, Jim's is available Australia wide. Our fully licensed roof tilers are available 24/7 if an emergency arises.

And if you are in dire straits we can often be at your door within the hour* for same day service on weekends, public holidays or a regular weekday.

We also charge the same great rates every day of the week alongside upfront, fixed price quotes. All customers can also take up the option of $0 deposit, interest free payment plans** on all our jobs, such as roof tile repairs, roof restoration or roof painting.

No matter the job, Jim’s Roofing is ready to take your call today. A friendly call centre member is ready and waiting to help you book in a quality job!

Types of Roof Tiles

There are three main types of roof tiles; terracotta, ceramic and concrete. Here’s what you can expect from each one.

Terracotta Roof Tiles

  • Can withstand salty, coastal climates and cold, frosty Australian conditions
  • Will last for at least 50 years if properly maintained
  • Tiles can be replaced easily when damaged
  • Installed on a roof pitch as low as 15° degrees
  • Strengthens over time
  • Available in a wide range of styles, including Swiss Terracotta and French

Ceramic/Clay Roof Tiles

  • Available in several designs, including roof shingles
  • Durable and resilient in all weather conditions
  • Provides comfortable insulation for warm weather
  • Low maintenance
  • Elegant, with deep colour profiles for contemporary roofs
  • Suitable for a range of roofing profiles, including a low 18° degree pitch

Concrete/Cement Roof Tiles

  • Bold and versatile with styles such as Capri or Macquarie
  • Can suit modern or classic homes, including country cottages or colonial homes
  • Quality thermal insulation
  • Rainwater tank safe
  • Strong, but low maintenance
  • Long term durability in all weather conditions

All roof tiles are available in a vast array of colours, with tiling brands Monier Roofing and Boral among the leaders. Both are among the favoured suppliers of Jim’s Roofing, and we are proud to source and supply their products for your home.

Quality Tile Roof Repairs

There's no need to search long and hard for local licensed roof repairs. Jim's Roofing is your solution. We're available for same day service when you’re worried about the state of your roof. Some of our most common roof tile repairs include:

Leaking Roofs

A roof leak is one of the most common side effects of damaged roof tiles. Stormy conditions can break tiles, and when heavy rain hits, that water will find a way to sneak inside the ceiling.

Signs of a leaking roof include damp spots or mould on the ceiling, dark moisture rings and sagging or dripping ceilings. Also look out for any signs of moisture on walls. And if you do suspect any leaks, Jim’s Roofing provides fast and reliable roof tile repairs to prevent further damage to your property.

Broken or Cracked Tiles

When the weather worsens, roof tiles can be caught in gusts of wind and ripped from the roof. Tree branches can fall onto houses, while debris can be flung around.

Once cracks and other associated damage appears it’s best to get to work quickly with timely repairs. That way animals will not be able to nest or burrow into your ceiling space and future weather damage will be avoided.

Damaged Flashing

Just like the tiles, your flashing is susceptible to the conditions. Flashing directs water away from vents, chimneys or skylights, providing a water tight seal.

Therefore, when flashing is damaged, water is going to sneak into your roof. There’s no need to put up with that. Act fast and call a professional roofer for annual servicing and roof repairs.

Aged Bedding/Mortar

Bedding is what holds ridge caps in place. Ridge capping seals the joint between two sides of a pitched roof, and that means the bedding/mortar is crucial to a safe and secure roof.

Over time the mortar will naturally dry up and crack, and ridge caps will loosen. Just like your roof tiles, they are a huge safety risk if they do fall off the roof.

Roof Tile Maintenance

To ensure your tiles last for decades Jim’s Roofing offer all-round maintenance, including roof leak inspection, gutter cleaning and tile repairs.

We can tackle concrete roof maintenance, terracotta roof tile maintenance and more. Whether you have Monier's Urban Shingle or Boral's Swiss tiles, experienced Jim's roofers have the knowledge to protect your tiling.

As a part of our maintenance services, not only can you enjoy annual inspections to catch any weather damage or signs of wear and tear, but we also provide roof painting to freshen up your home.

Our services also include roof cleaning, which is a perfect way to remove any moss growing on shingles or tiles. A low pressure hose and chemical solution provide delicacy and efficiency to wash away residue, dirt or moss and lichen.

Meanwhile, customers can also benefit from gutter cleaning and downpipe or rainhead repairs. We do it all! If you want to know more about our local roofing maintenance services, call us today.

Roof Tile Pricing

For minor roof tile repairs, retiling or a full re-roofing, Jim's is proud to offer $0 deposit, interest free payment plans** for all jobs.

It's the perfect way to get your roof back in business after years of wear and tear. You won't have to put off any important maintenance due to your finances. Instead, you can act fast and spread out the repayments over manageable instalments.

They could be weekly or fortnightly. But no matter the price of roof tiles, you can count on a $0 deposit plan to make life a whole lot easier.

Your home will love you, and so will your bank account. Customers can easily apply while your roof tiler is on site, and approval is often granted within minutes.

So, when the time comes for your tiled roof services, there's only one name to call: Jim's Roofing. We offer quality pricing on all jobs with fast and reliable attendance within 1 hour* of your call.


Find the answers to all your roof tiles questions right here.

Terracotta and concrete are both incredibly durable roofing materials which are suitable to various Australian environments. The cement tiles often strengthen with age, while terracotta is rarely affected by moisture, corrosion or UV rays. It also maintains the colour exceptionally well. Both materials are a low maintenance option and the right choice can often come down to personal taste.

You don't want too steep an angle for tiles, however, modern design means you can place tiles on low pitch roofs. In years gone by the minimum was 20°, but now you can cater to steeper pitch at 15° for cement tiles or even 12° for some terracotta tiles.

Tile roofing is one of the more energy efficient roofing options. It's a perfect choice for additional insulation, retaining warmth in winter and deflecting heat in summer. Air can also flow under the tiles easily so heat is not trapped in the ceiling. The manufacturing process also uses less embodied energy than alternative roof materials, meaning less energy is consumed in creating the tiles.

While there are several causes of a leaking roof, one of the most common is damaged tiles. Hail or severe storm damage can cause tiles to crack, and heavy rain means water can sneak through into the ceiling. Meanwhile, damage to flashing or poor sealing or blocked gutters can all lead to a leaking roof.

Sarking is a foil lining which provides insulation for terracotta and cement roof tiles. Up to 95 per cent of radiant heat is reflected by sarking, while in winter it helps retain heat for additional warmth in the home. Sarking also minimises condensation, catches dust and is proven to be fire resistant.
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